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St. Peter's United Church of Christ

Inman, Kansas



January 2019 Newsletter

Posted by ureche1 on January 25, 2019 at 12:20 AM
From the Pastor�??s Desk Definition of New Year 1: the calendar year about to start or recently started 2: usually New Year's : new year's day �??Merriam Webster on-line Definition of resolution a resolve; a decision or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something. �??Dictionary on-line �??And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.�?��??Luke 6:31 �??Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;�?� �??James 1:19 Another year is almost over and a new one is about to begin. And, with the beginning of the New Year many of us will make resolutions regarding what we would like to do different or better in the New Year. For each New Year provides us with the opportunity to make a new start with our lives. Many Americans, us included will make resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, save more money and much more. While much is made about these resolutions, these new beginnings, but in the end most will not be kept; in fact statistics show that most resolutions are given up on with the first six months of the New Year. I am going to make a suggestion regarding the making of resolutions and it is one that experts make as well, so I am not a rocket scientist in this regard. The suggestion I want to offer is to keep your resolutions simple and realistic, which is easier said than done. Especially when I share with you what my resolutions are for 2019. In the Gospel of Matthew 22:36-40, this is written, �??�??Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?�?? He said to him, �??You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.�??�?� My resolution for 2019 is to live out these commandments that Jesus gave us. You might consider this as well. Now, some of you may be saying, �??Pastor, you said to keep resolutions simple and realistic.�?� Or, �??Pastor, I am (we are) already living out these commandments from Jesus.�?� To which I would reply, �??Yes, on both accounts.�?� I will also say that these commandments from Jesus are neither simple nor realistic because we live in the world. A world made up of people just like us; people who are broken and hurting. However, I fully believe that we can make a very good effort in living out these commandments, these resolutions. It will not be easy, but when we try, we will have a better relationship with our neighbor, our God and our Savior Jesus Christ. We will not be perfect in living out these two commandments, but I believe it is important that we give it our best effort. If what we give is our best effort then, we will have an excellent chance of keeping these resolutions well past the first six months of the year and maybe all the way until December 2019. Because, as Jesus said, �??On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.�??�?� What Jesus means is that everything we do in our lives revolves around these two commandments. I believe that the only way that we as children of God can begin to bring God�??s Kingdom to pass here and now is by doing our best to live out these two commandments. We will never be able to change the whole world by ourselves. But if we can make our little corner better, the change we are making will spread to other corners of the world; then and only then can God�??s Kingdom come to pass here and now. I believe that we can do this, starting in 2019. It may take more than one year to happen. But, what�??s wrong with having these resolutions be our resolutions for 2020, 2021 and beyond. After-all how many years in a row have we resolved to lose weight, exercise more, or be better financially? We can do this. After all, �??How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!�?� Peace and blessings for a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year, Pastor Dennis ************ Revised Common Lectionary Readings for January January 6 Isaiah 60:1-6 Psalm 72:1-7,10-14 Ephesians 3:1-12 Matthew 2:1-12 January 13 Isaiah 43:1-7 Psalm 29 Acts 8:14-17 Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 January 20 Isaiah 62:1-5 Psalm 36:5-10 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 John 2:1-11 January 27 Neh 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10 Psalm 19 1 Cor 12:12-31a Luke 4:14-21 ************** Virginia Bosworth, Sandy Bundy, Steve and Theresa Buller, Elian Dorantes, Angie Ely, Janie Gormley, Pastor Jeff Groene, Glennis Lee Howard, Gretchen Kimble, Gene Allen Knackstedt, Kairos Prison Ministry, Vicki Lindenberger, Nathan Schierling, Jim and Sophia Stephens, Peggy Watts, Ellie Mae Weathers, Bob Willems, Brianna Krull, Freddie Stowe, Todd Koehn, Arlo and Theresa Schmidt, James Cooprider, Susan and Dennis Keller, Tom and Jean Slack, Jill Kasten, Steve and Teresa Jonas, Danny Parr, Please pray for these people on their designated day in January. . 1) Ellen Neufeld 2) Ray and Jeanne Osborn 3) Charlie and Carolyn Pauls 4) Lenore Postier 5) Loren and Denise Postier 6) Elva Rump 7) Devin and Jessica Schierling Karson, Kash, Kella 8) Gene and Karen Schierling 9) Roy and Shivawn Schierling 10) Dennis and Crystal Schroeder 11) Jerry and Ruth Sisson 12) Adam and Cassie Spears, Levi, Hailey 13) James and Sophia Stephens 14) Freddi Stowe 15) Allen Thiessen 16) Merle and Karen Thiessen- 17) Verla Thomason 18) Donna and Jim Toews 19) Lamont, Kelly Turcotte, Aoife, Loki 20) Dennis Ureche (Pastor) Diane Miller 21) Peggy Watts 22) Marcelyn Wittorff 23) Lois Wright 24) Kathy Zimmerman 25) Greg and Heather Thiessen, Taylor, Brooke 26) Rosetta Bartels 27) Dan and Fay Binder 28) Cody and Ashley Bornholdt 29) James Bornholdt 30) Tim and Terri Bornholdt 31) Steve and Theresa Buller ************* Family and Friends of Debra Walden Women�??s Fellowship Meeting Thursday, January 3 2:00 p.m. ************** Communion Sunday January 6 *************** Saturday, January 12 7:00 a.m. Inman Harvest Café Ground Hog Dinner plans will be made. *********** Pleasant View Home Worship Thursday, January 17 6:30 p.m. PVH Chapel ************** Church Council Thursday, January 17 7:30 p.m. ************* Make a note! Choir Practices will be at 8:00 p.m. thru the full month of January 2019 *************** Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday, January 27 after Morning Worship *************** Coming in February Communion, Sunday, February 3 Casual Sunday, February 3 77th Annual Ground Hog Dinner Monday, February 4 Women�??s Fellowship Kitchen Clean Up Day Thursday, February 7, 9:00 a.m. Men�??s Fellowship Breakfast, Saturday, Feb. 9, 7:00 Valentines Day, Thursday, February 14 Presidents Day, Monday, February 18 Church Council, Thursday, February 21, 7:30 p.m. Red Cross Blood Drive, Friday, February 22 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. Camp White in Council Grove, Kansas is accepting early bird registrations (with a discount) for summer 2019 camps May 4 Work Hard, Play Hard (Volunteer celebration and Camp work day) June 8 Volunteer Orientation June 9-14 Camp Celebrate (completed grades 4-10) June 23-29 Clash of the Camps (completed grades 4-12) July 28-30 Young Adventurers Camp (completed grades K-3) July 28-Aug. 3 Last Blast! (completed grades 4-12) August 3-4 Family Camp and Open House Visit www.WhiteMemorial or call 1-620-767-5165 For more information or to register for camp A meal train has been set up for Theresa and Steve Buller at This website has complete information, instructions, requests, address for delivery and more. Any questions can be directed to Terri Bornholdt. ************* January Birthdays 2 Dottie Erker 7 Glennis Lee Howard 12 Rosetta Bartels Diane Miller 15 Crystal Schroeder 18 Lamont Turcotte 22 Isaac Sisson McClain Roy Harris 23 Auxana Fay Whatley --- 30 Chris Stevenson January Anniversaries 1 Loren and Denise Postier 23 Cody and Auxana Whatley ************ #LOVEOFCHILDREN WHO LEAD THE WAY by the Rev. Rachael Pryor KO Conference Coordinator for 3 Great Loves With the Rev. Dennis Ureche, St. Peter�??s United Church of Christ in Inman, Kansas This Advent season, you might consider a visit on December 15 to Inman, Kansas, where Pastor Dennis Ureche has perfected his camel-wrangling skills during the small town�??s annual Live Nativity. This year, it will be held in the town�??s Lambert Park as always, but viewing it will be just a little bit easier, thanks to a new sidewalk built in part with support from the children of St. Peter�??s United Church of Christ. At the front of the sanctuary in St. Peter�??s, a simple tube stands in place, just tall enough for a child to reach the top in order to add a quarter (or occasionally, the odd dime or nickel). Children come forward for the children�??s sermon, and as a part of the weekly ritual, they add change to the tube. Pastor Dennis keeps a handful of extra quarters up front, just in case anyone forgets their own. Sharing in the offering is an important faith practice for children; but the real learning happens when the tube is full. That�??s when the children, ranging in age from pre-schoolers to high schoolers, work together to decide how the money will be shared. Ureche, who borrowed the idea from a church in Missouri where he served as intern, says, �??I really liked the idea because it gives the kids a voice in the mission of the Church.�?� In just over five years, the children of St. Peter�??s have collected and shared more than $1500 through this project. On their own initiative, they�??ve made decisions about how to fairly split the money they gather between multiple recipients. They�??ve supported global missions like Church World Service and Heifer International, and learned in the process about how their bees, chicks, and goats help feed the hungry while also bringing sustainability to farming families. Donations of Soccket Ball electricity generators and mosquito netting have taught them to be aware of their privilege, and about everyday challenges we don�??t yet face in our part of the world. Local recipients have been important, too, as the children grow in their role of supporting the life and hospitality of their wider community. In a church where not all the kids are always there during the same Sundays, sometimes making these decisions together can present a logistical challenge; but it�??s also a way to help keep them connected as they grow together. #3GreatLoves isn�??t just about the love given TO children �?? it�??s also celebrating the love coming FROM the youngest disciples in our congregation. Thanks be to God for the inspiration we all receive through the #loveofchildren. Article from the K-O Conference Newsletter December 2018 St. Peter's United Church of Christ January-November 2018 Budget versus Actual Income January- November Actual January- November Budget Dollar Difference from Budget Percent of Budget Non-specified contributions 99,899.04 114,658.00 (14,758.96) 87.13% Expense January- November Actual January- November Budget Dollar Difference from Budget Percent of Budget Total Expense 107,927.98 113,987.98 (6,060.00) 94.68% For more information or if you have questions, please contact Todd Harman at [email protected] St Peter�??s United Church of Christ 107 North Pine, P.O. Box 506 Inman, Kansas 67546 620-585-2627 Fax 620-585-2628 Parsonage 620-585-2670 Website: Church �[email protected] Pastor Dennis Ureche�[email protected] RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED January 2019 CHURCH STAFF: Rev. Dennis Ureche, Pastor Ellen Neufeld, Organist Beverly Castleberry, Church Secretary Worship Schedule Sept. thru May: Sunday School 9:30 AM Morning Worship 10:30 AM June thru August: No Sunday School Morning Worship 9:30 AM Followed by Brunch

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